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I’ve been going to Chelsea for years and have always loved what she has done for my skin. She knows exactly what my skin needs at the time of my facial and uses the best and safest (especially during my pregnancies) products. I no longer wear ANY makeup. On top of how amazing my skin looks and feels, I also do it for my mental health.

Jess L.

We Listen

Our attentive staff takes the time to listen and treat you as an individual, and not just another number. Our treatments are never cookie-cutter and our product recommendations are always based on each individual's need- not just what's trending! You will never feel shamed into needing MORE. We are here to help you achieve the results YOU are searching for. So come in, be you, be REAL and let's hang.



We Comfort

La Bella Derma has always been, and will always be a safe and welcoming environment for clients to let their hair down, kick off their shoes, and relax in good company. Our staff of strong, wholesome women are always free from judgement and sit down with each client and listen to their needs. It's our beautiful clients that make us show up each day and do our best.

Client Testimonials

What a lovely experience. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I felt so special and it was just what I needed. I also felt like options were clearly laid out to me and I wasn't trying to be "sold" at all but rather educated and then I was able to make my own decisions. In a time when so much feels just so awful, it was wonderful to come here and feel special again and taken care of. Thank probably will never know just how much this experience made my day!

Heather M

We Provide

Chelsea and her team bring knowledge, experience, and the desire to provide the best customer service possible. Chelsea has hand-selected each product based on specific attributes to ensure a selection of safe and effective products for all skin types. We take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle to make the best possible product and treatment recommendations.