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Dermaplaning is the use of a sharp tool, (a scalpel, actually) to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Along with dead skin cell removal, small, fine hairs called Vellus hairs are also removed. A win-win in my book, as those Vellus hairs trap dirt and oil that can cause breakouts.

That soft “peach fuzz” on the face can also make the skin look congested and darker. When the hair on the face is blond, we can look a little like a tennis ball in the sun. Our makeup application can be difficult and look uneven. Dermaplaning’s elimination of this hair and dead skin makes the skin look brighter and smoother, instantly.


To begin the procedure, the esthetician cleanses the skin thoroughly. Then a sterile, disposable scalpel, very gently scrapes the surface of the skin with short, light strokes. The entire face is treated and great care is taken to avoid coming too close to the eyebrows and hairline. The treatment is finished with post treatment skincare and, of course, sunscreen.  This treatment can be combined with chemical or enzyme peels for additional, deeper exfoliation.

Post-procedure, the skin may be a little pink. Aftercare instructions include avoiding cleansing with hot water or using exfoliating devices. Also, makeup application is best after 24 hours.