Why Lip Blushing?

The goal of lip blushing is to smooth and even out the pigment through the area. Lip blushing also allows you to inject a wash of color into your lips – especially if the skin is particularly pale or dark. Even with the brighter pigment available, these shades typically look fairly subtle by the end of the lip blushing healing process.

What Is The Process Like?

What Does The Healing Look Like?

What You've Seen On Social Media VS What's Real:

How Long Will It Last?

Results last anywhere from 1 - 3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle. Requiring a touch-up every 6 months - 3 years is expected. Most clients will require a follow-up treatment 6-8 weeks following their initial visit.

How Much Does It Cost?

Consultations $50 (which will be applied to your treatment)

Initial Treatment $600

Perfecting Appointment (6-8 weeks after initial appointment) $100

Annual Touch Up $300

Additional Touch Up $125

**Appointments will require a $100 non-refundable deposit.

How To Care For Your New Brows

Day of the Procedure

Do not get your brows wet for 24 hours following treatment and avoid water as best you can for 14 days following treatment.

Every 3 hours: gently dab your brows with cotton pad barely dampened with distilled water and apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment to brows. On days 2- 7, continue this regimen changing the frequency to 3 times a day. Only perform this regimen with CLEAN HANDS!!

Expect mild swelling, itching, light scabbing and bruising. This is a good sign that the skin is healing! Do not scrub, pick or rub the “crust” that forms. Allow “crust” to naturally flake from your brows. Picking can remove pigment.

*Brows will appear bolder and darker at first. The pigment used to tattoo takes about 7 days to absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. At 7- 10 days, the top layer of skin will peel and the brows will appear approximately 40% softer and lighter in color.*

Days 2- 14

Do not sleep on your face for the first 10 days, avoid rubbing healing or healed areas.

Do not use any makeup on your brows for at least 14 days. You may resume your usual makeup and cleansing regimen after 14 days. Try to limit sweating to better retain pigment.

Do not expose your brows to sun or tanning beds for at least 14 days. After your brows have healed, use sunblock regularly to protect pigment from fading.

Do not swim or soak for at least 14 days! Apply vaseline to your brows after they are healed to prevent chlorine or salt water from penetrating the pigmented area.

Do not use Retin- A (retinol) or glycolic acids on your brows during or after healing.

Signs and symptoms of infection include: Excessive redness, swelling, pus or severe itch. Call the spa if this occurs. 802-735-3031.

What to expect over the next few weeks:

Brow color may change or fade from the desired result after the initial treatment. This is why a touch- up appointment is scheduled when your brows have healed at 6- 8 weeks. Additional touch ups may be necessary after 6 months- 1 year depending on your skin type, skin care routine, medications, and sun exposure.

Sadly, many PMU artists you follow on social media post the before and immediately afters. This is misleading and can encourage unrealistic ideas of what lip blushing actually is, or for some- scare you off from this service altogether.  Please refer to this photo to see a more accurate visual of what to expect from your lip blushing.

Microblading Vermont
Microblading Vermont
Microblading What To Expect

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The healing process will look different for everyone, but typically you can expect the pigment in your lips to be bright immediately following the treatment and accompanied by some bruising and swelling.  The pigment will continue to get darker, and then flake off and disappear completely. You will be ready for a touch-up in about 3 weeks and this same process will continue.

These photos are showing average results from lip blushing. As you can see, lip blushing is available for all shapes and sizes of lips.  It is great for adding a subtle wash of color or for simply putting some life back into your lips and redefining your natural shape.