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Spa Facials:
Every 4-12 weeks.  Facials will improve skin tone and circulation.  Also great to remove blackheads and unclog pores.  

Clinical Treatments:
These treatments should be spaced 2-4 weeks apart if you are having a series.  If you completed a series, it is recommended that you have treatments every 4-12 weeks until desired results. 

Lashes and Brows:
Brow Waxing every 3-6 weeks and Lash and Brow Tinting every 4-8 weeks.


Brow and Lip every 4-6 weeks

Bikini, Legs and other body every 6-8 weeks

Massage and Body Treatments:
To maintain inner peace, pain relief and proper alignment, you should be receiving regular massage.  Treatments can safely be had as often as every week or even more regularly!