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How long will results last from my MELT fat reduction treatment?​

Treatments are usually scheduled 7 to 10 days apart and we recommend 6 sessions. Results may vary from person to person depending on many factors. Measurable circumferential reduction is common. For best results it is recommended to practice light to moderate exercise, such as walking, along with following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. 

How Does MELT Fat Reduction Work?

MELT is a breakthrough in non-invasive fat removal that lasts. This pain free system designed to gently deliver heat energy to eliminate unwanted fat without direct contact with your body. Using an applicator suspended an inch above the skin, the RF energy in MELT targets your fat cells, heating them to the point of destruction without damaging any of the surrounding tissue and skin. Once the fat cells die, they are eliminated from the body. Due to the design of the machine, the panels used in the applicator can treat the circumference of the entire abdominal area or tone the legs. 

What can I expect during my MELT fat reduction appointment?

The most important thing to remember before your appointment is to stay well hydrated. This will help the RF energy travel easily through the skin and target the fat layer more effectively.

Melt treatment sessions are short, pleasant, and safe. Relax and lie down in our treatment room as your provider places the applicator near the treatment area. You will feel a mild, warm heat during the session which many people have described as similar to a heating pad on a lower setting.

After your treatment, the area will be warm and could remain warm and pink for a few minutes and up to a couple of hours following treatment. You may also experience minor swelling for a few hours after treatment. Continue to stay well hydrated and follow your provider’s recommended after care instructions.

What Is MELT Fat Reduction?

MELT is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive fat removal and fat reduction procedure that eliminates fat through radio frequency (RF). The contactless RF technology ensures comfort and safety while treating a larger area. Treatments are safe for all healthy patients who want to take control of their core and improve the problem areas when exercise and diet have failed. This body contouring option we offer is perfect for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. 

Who can receive MELT fat reduction treatments?​

If you are in good health and have excess, resistant body fat in the abdominal area, you may be a good candidate for treatment.

The following contraindications make you unable to receive treatment:

  • Pacemaker

  • Metal Hip Implant
  • Metal Knee Implant
  • Metal Birth Control Implant
  • Hernia Present In Treatment Area
  • Post Lapband
  • Severe Obesity
  • Metabolic Problems
  • Pregnant
  • Nursing
  • Current or Past Cancer
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